What is SoulBuddy?

The SoulBuddy app is a free video chat forum for anyone aged 16 and older. In SoulBuddy Talks, two users (we call them “SoulBuddies”) are randomly connected for 5 minutes. Afterwards, both SoulBuddies rate each other based on criteria such as kindness, authenticity, and respect.


In the chats (we call them "SoulBuddy Talks") you can talk about anything...there is no "right" or "wrong". The important thing is to spread kindness. 


Every Sunday at 8 pm, the SoulBuddy Points you collect are automatically converted into SoulBuddy Tickets.


100 SoulBuddy Points equal 1 SoulBuddy Ticket. 


Every Sunday at 9 pm, the SoulBuddy Award raffle will take place in which 200 SoulBuddy Ticket holders will win amazon vouchers in the amount of no less than €20.


Where can I download the latest version of SoulBuddy?

You can download the latest version of SoulBuddy from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Please note that SoulBuddy currently only runs on mobile devices.

How do I sign up for SouldBuddy?

SoulBuddy gives you the option to register through Facebook, Apple ID phone number. Just download SoulBuddy and follow the instructions..

In which countries is SoulBuddy available?

Currently, SoulBuddy is available for users in Germany, Switzerland or Austria.

Is there an age restriction to use SoulBuddy?

SoulBuddy is available for all users who are aged 16.

Is SoulBuddy secure?

Our users' trust is our most valuable asset. Your data belongs only to you, as protecting your privacy is our top priority. SoulBuddy respects everyone's privacy and protects it with complex security measures and strict policies. We use end-to-end encryption for every SoulBuddy Talk.

Can other users see my private information, such as my cell phone number or email address?

No. Other SoulBuddies will only see your chosen username and your optional profile picture.

What devices can the SoulBuddy app be used on?

The SoulBuddy app can be used on Android 4.1 (or later) and iPhone iOS 11 (or later).

What should I do if I have lost my cell phone?

 If your device has been stolen or lost, please email us at support@soulbuddy.com, so we can temporarily disable your account.

What happens if an unauthorized user has accessed my account?

If an unauthorized user has accessed your SoulBuddy account, please contact us via email at support@soulbuddy.com. We will then delete the account to prevent further unauthorized use.

I believe I have received an email that is a scam and not from SoulBuddy. What should I do?

If you are unsure whether an email from us, please contact support@soulbuddy.com to get this confirmed.

How much does SoulBuddy cost?

 SoulBuddy is free to download and use.


Can I use Bluetooth headphones during SoulBuddy Talks?

Yes, as long as the Bluetooth headphones are compatible with the mobile device you are using.

How can I delete my SoulBuddy account?

You can delete your account by scrolling to the bottom of the "My Profile" page and clicking "Delete my account".

My camera or audio isn't working. What can I do?

Please check if you have allowed the SoulBuddy app to access your camera and audio features on your device.

Where can I find my most recent and/or total SoulBuddy score and leaderboard rankings?

Information about your accumulated SoulBuddy Points can be found by clicking on the "SoulBuddy Points" option on the app's homepage.

How can I connect to a SoulBuddy?

SoulBuddy automatically connects you to a randomly selected SoulBuddy as soon as you click on “SoulBuddy Talk”.

How can I talk to people I liked again?

SoulBuddy is about being randomly connected to strangers.Therefore, it is left to chance whether one speaks to the same SoulBuddy again.

What are the SoulBuddy prizes?

We are currently rewarding our SoulBuddies with Amazon vouchers.

How do I collect SoulBuddy Points?

After a SoulBuddy Talk, SoulBuddies can rate each other. The criteria are whether he or she is







and whether you would like to talk to this SoulBuddy again.


For each positive answer to questions 1 to 5, you get one point. For a positive answer to question 6, you get three points. Each SoulBuddy can have 20 SoulBuddy Talks per day, which replenish the weekly SoulBuddy Points account. As soon as a SoulBuddy has reached the 20 SoulBuddy Talks, he can, of course, continue to make SoulBuddy Talks and exchange ideas. However, these Talks will not be scored.


How long is each “SoulBuddy Talk”?

A SoulBuddy Talk lasts 5 minutes.


Can I end a SoulBuddy Talk before the 5 minutes are up?

SoulBuddy Talks may not be ended prematurely. SoulBuddies may, of course, abort SoulBuddy Talks if confronted with inappropriate content (like nudity, hate speech, etc.). In such a case, we kindly ask you to report such behavior immediately to the Support Team via SoulBuddy’s in-app report function or directly to support@soulbuddy.com.

How can I report a technical problem?

You can report a technical issue after canceling a SoulBuddy Talk using the report feature after the SoulBuddy Talk l has ended.

How can I report offensive or abusive behavior?

You can report such behavior after canceling the SoulBuddy Talk using the app's report feature or directly contact support@soulbuddy.com.

How will I be notified about my prize?

You will be notified by email within 24 hours of the announcement of the SoulBuddy Award winners.

How do I receive my reward?

Your reward will be sent to you as a link via email. So please make sure to enter your email address in your profile.

I have not received any notification from SoulBuddy about my prize. What should I do?

If you have won but did not receive an email from us with a link for your reward, please contact usat support@soulbuddy.com.

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