Welcome to SoulBuddy! Who we are and what you can expect

Welcome to SoulBuddy! Spread kindness and be rewarded with the SoulBuddy app.

Welcome to SoulBuddy! Who we are and what you can expect 

We are so excited to finally welcoming you! We are SoulBuddy - a brand new and totally unique video chat app that rewards your kindness. In this blog, we would like to introduce you how the app works and why with the help of your kindness,SoulBuddy will make the world a slightly more beautiful place.

The idea: to encourage you to give kindness
An Indian proverb says: "The smile you send out will return to you", because whoever spreads kindness experiences fulfilment and joy in having done something good. Our mission: to encourage you, to have your kindness shine and thus make everyone's world a little more beautiful. Apart from enjoying inner satisfaction of having made someone smile, SoulBuddy users will receive an incentive to be especially kind... 

Here's how it works: Spread friendliness and be rewarded
You start your SoulBuddy Talk within our app and will be connected to other users (we call them “SoulBuddies"), previously unknown to each other, over a video call for 5 minutes, after which you score each other’s 1-on-1 performance based on kindness criteria. Was your SoulBuddy friendly, authentic, respectful, funny or attentive, then you will award one point each. A positive answer on the question of whether you would speak to your SoulBuddyagain, you give 3 points. At the end of the week hundreds of SoulBuddies with the most points will each receive an Amazon voucher of up to €500.

App users who do not behave can be reported directly with our support team. Misbehaving users will immediately be expelled from our platform. In this way we provide a space where everyone feels safe and respected. SoulBuddy is a safe place full of warmth, where people can be themselves and help one another by simply being kind.

Are you curious? Download our app and be rewarded for your kindness. Together we make the world a little more beautiful! #bekind #beamazing #bethebest


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