Netiquette - Our SoulBuddy Etiquette

Netiquette - Our SoulBuddy Etiquette on our SoulBuddy App

We, at SoulBuddy, offer you a platform with our app, where you can spread your kindness - and we reward you for it! Everyone, who makes it to the top of the our Leaderboard, will receive an Amazon voucher worth up to €500. It is especially important to us that all SoulBuddies feel comfortable with our app and enjoy spending time with other SoulBuddies. Today, we would like to share our SoulBuddy etiquette.

Kindness wins
Have you had any experiences with insults of any kind on the web? If you were not affected yourself, you have certainly seen comments that are hurtful. That’s exactly what we aim to avoid, because the SoulBuddy app should remain a safe place for everyone, where all SoulBuddies can be themselves. So, walk away from insults and hate speech. With us, kindness wins!

We strictly say NO to racism, sexism, and discrimination. Instead, we welcome kindness, respect and tolerance. We want to make the world a slightly better place with the SoulBuddy App - and that’s why we don’t tolerate any discriminatory behaviour.

How do you want to be treated?

Our mothers taught us: Treat your fellow human beings the way you want to be treated. Do insulting words hurt you? If yes, you can be sure that your counterpart feels the same way. Be kind to one another and give each other a smile. Dale Carnegie put it well when he said: Life is truly like a boomerang: What you give, you get back.

Spread kindness! Not only will you collect karma points, but we will also reward you with great Amazon vouchers! If you don’t stick to our etiquette, we will, unfortunately, have to act on your wrongdoings. Therefore, if you want to continue using the SoulBuddy app, we kindly ask you to stick to our above-mentioned code of conduct ;-)

Be friendly and be rewarded - it has never been easier than with the SoulBuddy app! But friendly cooperation is always based on etiquette. For SoulBuddy, kindness, respect and tolerance are a clear part of it. What is important to you? #bekind #beamazing #bethebest #noplaceforhate

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